TalkMe Privacy Policy


TalkMe or talkme augmented reality instant messaging, GoLive (Location based messaging, Map based messaging, Friend finder, Car parking, Status updates, Pictures or other stuff sharing and Directions) Mobile application or service provides this privacy policy to help you (user) to make the decision about whether to use or not to use the app or service.

TalkMe or talkme application or service will use your exact location, your mobile phone number, your contacts, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Network, Network operations, Network charges and Real-time location based environment using your phone cameras.

1. Please note that and be sure that any Status update via any app or service feature, Location, and any other submissions or contents of your (user’s) of the TalkMe or talkme app or Service becomes published and not considered personal information subject to this privacy policy. TalkMe or talkme or app or service is provided as is without any warranties or guaranties. This Privacy Policy is a part of TalkMe or talkme or ‘s Terms of Service and also covers the approach of user information, your (user’s) personally identifying information, Location attained by TalkMe or talkme. When you (user) by using TalkMe or talkme or your (user’s) device will automatically receive cookies which are transferred from this service to your browser. It is very clear that when you (user) TalkMe or talkme or you (user) consent TalkMe or talkme to place cookies to your online device. TalkMe or talkme is also using third party services (Apple Maps, Sensors, some other services) to make sure and to analyze the use of its service, TalkMe or talkme using these services to make service performance excellent, and to detect technical or usage issues and to solve them. TalkMe or talkme or are outsourcing third parties services who may be situated outside the European Union and the EEA. If you (user) do agree with all of these welcome to use it.

2. The Information TalkMe or talkme or collects

A. You (user) can start the TalkMe or talkme application or service by installing or downloading from the App store to your smart phone (Mobile device), In order to join the service first time, you (user) need to provide your mobile phone number (Service will provide you country code automatically according to your use of service location) to which TalkMe or talkme will send a unique verification code via SMS. After submitting that verification code you (user) will start to create a user profile in which you (user) will may be providing us your (user’s) service name, your gender, Relationship status and profile picture or photo and other information as well as by using or synchronizing with social media service such as Facebook. After joining first time you always have an option to login or sign in the service with your Facebook account.

B. TalkMe or talkme registration or sign up or sign in processes, you (user) will be asked for your country, country code, your Mobile number and access to your contact list or by giving your Mobile number service will get all this data. Once you will provide your mobile number for TalkMe or talkme service or application, it means you are granting the permission to this data mentioned above. This data will be stored in our servers which may be situated outside the European Union and EEA. The purpose of collecting this data or storing this data is to provide you service with all service features, which one of your contacts are already using the service, also this information will be used to notify you if any of your contacts will join this service or may be notify to your contacts that you join this service.

C. TalkMe or talkme will may provide your exact real-time based location to other users. Service or app will allows you to share your exact location, your Status, your offers (only for commercial use with service permission or license), your digital contents, text, images and videos with your friends or with other TalkMe or talkme users. When you will send any data, Service will not be responsible for any kind of data privacy. TalkMe or talkme does not use your data for any other purpose than to enable communication between you and other service users.

D. The location information according to your (users) settings, it would be shared with other users. The location information may also be processed by TalkMe or talkme and third party to display advertisement.

E. This privacy policy does not apply to the practices of other companies that TalkMe or talkme does not have control or does not own. These also does not apply to individuals whom TalkMe or talkme or does not employee or manage, including any of the third parties to which TalkMe or talkme may disclose your (users) information as set forth in this privacy policy.

3. The data (Information) TalkMe or talkme does not collect

TalkMe or talkme does not collect, email addresses, Addresses and any other given information from its user’s Mobile address book or contact lists other than Mobile numbers and names.

The messages contents that have been delivered by TalkMe or talkme service are not copied or kept by TalkMe or talkme. Submissions that are sent through the TalkMe or talkme service will remain on Servers after delivery for a short period but are deleted within a short period of time.

4. Children privacy

TalkMe or talkme app or service is not designed or not of use or not to attract users under the age of 13 years. TalkMe or talkme does not intentionally collect information from user under the age of 13 years. The service or app use age is minimum 13 years old or older but under the age of majority, the use of the app or service is subject to consent from a legal guardian.

5. Choice of use (user choice)

You (user) of course decline to submit personally identifiable information, location information through the TalkMe or talkme or app or service and can decline or remove any time, in which case TalkMe or talkme or may not be able to provide services to you. If you (user) do not agree with our privacy policy or terms of use, Please remove or delete your account from TalkMe or talkme or, Uninstall the TalkMe or talkme mobile application from your Mobile device and discontinue the service. If you (user) continue usage of TalkMe or talkme service or application will clarify your acceptance of service privacy policy and terms of use. In any case you can contact us via filling the available contact form on our website or via support center with any kind of question or suggestion.

Important note for International Users of TalkMe or talkme or

TalkMe or talkme or are hosted in the Finland. If you (user) are a user accessing the TalkMe or talkme application or service from the U.S.A, Other European countries, Asia, Africa and any other region with laws governing personal data collections, use and disclosure that differ from Finnish Laws, Please be clear that through your continued use of TalkMe or talkme or site or application or service which are governed by Finnish law, This privacy policy and terms of service or terms of use, you (user) are transferring your personal data or information to Finland or EU and you (user) expressly consent to that transfer and consent to be governed by Finnish and EU laws for these purposes.

In the case of TalkMe or talkme or merger, sale or bankruptcy

At any point or time if TalkMe or talkme or is merged or acquired by any third party, Talkme or talkme or reserve the right to transfer the information of you (user) as a part of such merger, acquisition, sale and any other control of change. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy, reorganization and insolvency, we may not be able to control how your personal information or data will be treated or used.

These policies may be revised or can be revised at any time with updates via site and service pages by the effective date below. Please be aware of any changes. Your (user’s) continued use of the TalkMe or talkme or mobile application or service constitute your (user’s) agreement with these Privacy Policies and Terms of service use and any amendments.

Last modified was September 19, 2014.