TalkMe Terms of Use Policies

TalkMe or Talkme legal information for users
Terms of use for Service

1. TalkMe ( Talkme ) Service user’s (your, YOUR) Acceptance

This is an agreement between TalkMe (Talkme) “TalkMe (Talkme)” an augmented reality instant messaging service mobile application, this agreement is between the owners (TalkMe (Talkme) and operator (Service user, You, Your) of (the “TalkMe (Talkme) app service or site”). The TalkMe (Talkme) app service, including TalkMe (Talkme) an augmented reality instant messaging service mobile application including all contents, features, functions, material provided by TalkMe (Talkme) through site and TalkMe (Talkme) app service, and (YOU or you or user) of the Talkme (Talkme, )service. By using the Talkme (Talkme) mobile app service or, you (user) acknowledge and agree to these TERMS of Service, and Talkme (Talkme) augmented reality instant messaging mobile application service privacy policy. It is very clear that if you agree with Talkme (Talkme) mobile app service Terms of service use and Privacy policies then you(user) have right to use it. If you (user) choose to not agree with any of these terms and policies, you (user) cannot use the Talkme (Talkme) mobile app service or

2. Talkme (Talkme) Service

TalkMe or Talkme application or service will use your exact location, your mobile phone number, your contacts, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Network, Network operations, Network charges and Real-time location based environment via using your phone camera. These Terms of Service apply to all users of the Talkme (Talkme) augmented reality instant messaging Service or Information provided by our users through the Talkme (Talkme) Service may contain links to third party websites that are not owned or controlled by Talkme (Talkme) Service or Talkme (Talkme) Service has no control and has no responsibility over the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party website. It is clear to our users (You) that Talkme (Talkme) will not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third party sites. By using the Talkme (Talkme) Service or, you (user) expressly acknowledge and agree that Talkme (Talkme) shall not be responsible for any claims, damages arising from or related to your use of any third party website.

3. Talkme (Talkme) Service or Access

Subject to your act of confirming with these Terms of Service, Talkme (Talkme) mobile app Service or by this grants you (user) permission to use the Service, Granted that; (i) Your use of the Service as permitted is only for your personal use and you (user) are not allowed to resell or charge others for use of Service, or in any other manners inconsistent with these Terms of Service. (ii) You (user) will not transfer, give access to, copy, distribute or duplicate any part of the Talkme (Talkme) service or in any condition without Talkme (Talkme)’s permission or authorization. (iii) You (user) will not try to modify or change any part of the Talkme (Talkme) Service. (iv) You (user) will otherwise comply with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In order to use the features of Service (Talkme or ), you (user) acknowledge and agree that you (user) will have to provide Talkme or with your Mobile number or with your Facebook account. You (user) expressly acknowledge and agree that in order to provide the Service, Talkme may access your contact list and List of your friends and contacts in your mobile. When providing your Mobile number or sign in with Facebook, you must provide your accurate and complete information. You (user) are completely/fully responsible for the status, photo, and stuff that you submit/posted or upload and that are displayed for your Talkme account on the Talkme Service or You (user) must notify or inform to Talkme immediately of any breach of security or any kind of unauthorized or misuse of your Talkme account. It is very clear to you (user) that Talkme or will not be liable for your losses due to any misuse or unauthorized use of your Talkme account, you (user) may be liable for the losses of Talkme or others due to such misuse of your Talkme account. You (user) completely agree not to use any automatic system, to contain without limitation, it could be robots, spiders, offline readers, some auto machines, some auto code generators and some other such type of equipment’s etc, that accesses the Talkme app Service or in manner that post, Status, or upload more material to the Talkme Servers in a given period of time than a human can produce or post/upload in the same period by using Talkme or Talkme Service. You (user) are strictly forbidden from ripping the contents without specific authorization.

4. Talkme Property Rights

The all kind of design, logos of the Talkme app or Talkme app or its text, unique features, Go live feature, Car parking feature, Directions feature and all other interactive Talkme features, trademarks are the property or licensed by Talkme or Talkme or Subject to trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights under Finnish laws, EU laws, US laws and International conventions. The Talkme app, Talkme or is provided to you as is for your personal and for your business use only. You agree to use the service for good purposes. You (user) agree to not use the Talkme or Talkme, copying, or distribution of Status submissions of third parties obtained through the service of any commercial purpose without permission.

5. Your (User) Status update

Talkme or Talkme or service(app) allows to you or to users to submit or update status text, Profile picture and other communications updated by you in Public mode( All Talkme Service users) or in Private ( all friend users). These all kind of submissions and updates may be shared and published as part of the Talkme app or Talkme app service and could be visible to other service users. But it maybe depend on your app settings or submissions settings. You can block any service user at any time and unblock within one click at any time. But the information, submissions, messages, pictures, locations information, files that you send directly to other Talkme(Talkme) users will only be viewable by those Talkme(Talkme) users you directly send. The GoLive Status update or in other service mode status updates maybe viewed by all Talkme (Talkme) users according to your (user) Talkme settings. At the moment we have no such method of providing different levels of visibility of your (user) Status update among other Talkme (Talkme) users. So please do not update or submit status, messages or profile pictures that you (User) do not want to be seen by other Service users. It is very clear that if you (User) do not want the whole world or all other service users to know something about yourself, your interest, your location, do not use the Talkme (Talkme) service or app. You can remove your Status or all communication any time you want from talkme or Talkme service. You (Service user) understand that whether or not all status updates, status submissions, you’re (user’s) Location, we “TalkMe or Talkme or” cannot guarantee any confidentiality with respect to any of it. It is very clear that you (User) shall be fully responsible for your own Status Updates, Status Submissions, Location Updates and the consequences of updating and publishing them. It is very clear Talkme or Talkme or is only acting as a depository of data. We Talkme or Talkme or app cannot guarantee as to the accuracy or legal status of any status, status update etc. You (user) are giving permission, rights, and consents to show or update your updates, Status updates, Status submissions, Real time based Location updates to Talkme or Talkme or You (user) will be responsible for all updates or posts, status made by you (user) on Talkme or Talkme app. You (user) always have to care about your Status updates, Submissions because we or Talkme or Talkme cannot control them and cannot make your (user) submissions settings. You (user) will be responsible for all kind of rights, consents, licenses and necessary permissions to use your (user’s) Status updates and Submissions. You (user) also giving or providing permissions to use all kind of submissions made by you (user) to Talkme or Talkme or If you (user) do not have right or consent or copyright permissions or legal permissions about any Status updates or Status submissions or Picture submissions and Locations updates, do not use Talkme or Talkme app for such type of submissions. If you (user) are identifying any individual person or individual person’s pictures or any kind of text material or any kind of material or Business name or Organization or Location in Status update or Submissions, You (user) have to have the written consent or permissions of each and every of them at first place and you will be responsible for them not we (Talkme or Talkme). It is very clear that by using TalkMe app or Talkme app or service, you (user) Individual or Commercial granting a worldwide royalty free and sub-licenses able to use, distribute, display, and perform the Submissions in connection with the TalkMe app or Talkme app or business success. You (User) also granting each Talkme or Talkme user to your Status or submissions on Talkme app or Talkme app a non-exclusive license to access your submissions through TalkMe app or Talkme app. You can terminate your license anytime you want by removing or deleting your submissions or status or your account from TalkMe App or Talkme app by logging out and removing the app from your phone. You (user) agree with Talkme app or Talkme app user policies that you will not update any status, submissions on Talkme or Talkme service that is unlawful, threating, harassing, hateful, defamatory, abusing, racially or ethnically offensive, against any religion. If you (user) will do that, it would be considered as a crime, gives rise to civil liability and violate any law. You cannot use TalkMe app or Talkme app or Service to impersonate another person. You (user) cannot send or store any kind of submissions, updates, material containing software viruses, any kind of harmful computer codes, harmful files and virus’s files which can damage or effect TalkMe app or Talkme app or service. You (user) will never try to gain unauthorized access to the TalkMe or Talkme or service or related networks. TalkMe or Talkme, app or service does not gives permission of any Status updates, Submissions or any recommendations related to adult contents. You (user) will be responsible about all kind of copyrights permits and other legal liabilities related to your (user’s) submissions. TalkMe app or Talkme service can delete or remove any kind of conflict created submissions by you (user) any time and can remove your (user) account from service. If you (user) want to use service for business offers or business related status updates or offers submissions you (user) have to have a commercial account permissions and have to have contact with TalkMe or Talkme or service at first place, otherwise we have right to down that account and have a right for legal action according to Finnish laws. If you (user) are using TalkMe app or service or Talkme or for commercial submissions you (user) will be responsible for all kind of legal or copyrights matters regarding to your submissions and used logo’s, Locations, materials and text. TalkMe or Talkme service will not be liable for any kind of user’s submissions at any point because TalkMe app or service or (Talkme or service is not permitting to any of its user for any illegal submissions or updates. You (user) know that when you (user) are using TalkMe or Talkme service you (user) will be exposed to status updates from a different sources and that TalkMe or Talkme is not responsible for the accuracy, GoLive mode Accuracy, Map mode accuracy, usefulness, Intellectual property rights, safety and any other relating to such updates or submissions. You (user) understand that and knowledge that you may be exposed to location and Status updates, that are offensive, indecent, objectionable and you are agree to waive any legal action. It is very clear that TalkMe or Talkme employees, directors, executives will not be responsible for any stuff submitted by its user’s via TalkMe or Talkme service in any circumstances. TalkMe app or Talkme app or Service permits to its user’s to link to materials on the app for personal purposes and for legal Business purposes only, but TalkMe or Talkme have the right to disconnect any aspect of the app or service at any time without any notification.

6. TalkMe or Talkme terms of service according to age policy

You (user) make sure that you (user) are minimum 13 years old or you have legal guardian consent and are fully able to enter into the terms and conditions. It is very clear that if you (user) are not 13 years old, you (user) have no permission to use TalkMe or Talkme service. TalkMe or Talkme service is from Finland and TalkMe or Talkme has to follow Finnish laws. Please note that TalkMe or Talkme app, service partners have their own policies related to tracking technologies for analytics and for advertising serving purposes, But TalkMe or Talkme requires that partner companies comply with TalkMe or Talkme privacy policies before TalkMe or Talkme allows to access to its Services. TalkMe or Talkme do not have control on third party data collections and its use. So if you (user) have too much concern with your privacy do not use TalkMe or Talkme service.

7. Disclaimer

You (user) agree and clear that you (user) are going to use TalkMe or Talkme service at your own sole risk. By Law TalkMe or Talkme or service, app, Its Employees, Officers, Directors and Executives will not be responsible for any kind of claim. TalkMe or Talkme app or service gives no guaranties about the accuracy, preciseness or completeness of the Service or app, and will not be liable for any errors, mistakes, high battery consumptions, content mistakes, inaccuracy of locations, and inaccuracy of submissions. It is very clear that TalkMe or Talkme AR will not be responsible for any kind of submissions made by its user’s or any kind of legal or copyright, patents right issues. TalkMe or Talkme service or app have no responsibility about any personal injury, property damage of any nature, resulting from use of TalkMe or Talkme services. TalkMe or Talkme app or service is very clear that any unauthorized access or use of service or Talkme or Talkme any personal information, data information stored therein, any kind of interruption in service will be a legal offence. Any viruses and bugs or any act which may be transmitted to or through TalkMe service through the actions of any third party TalkMe or Talkme will not be responsible. TalkMe or Talkme service through the actions of any third party or for any loss or for any damage of any kind, happen as a result of the use of any posted content, submissions and locations based made via TalkMe or Talkme service, TalkMe or Talkme will not be responsible and does not guarantee of any such type of act. TalkMe or Talkme will not be responsible for any kind of third party advertisement.

8. Rights, limitations of liability

You (user) will be responsible for any and all use of the service using your data or identity. You (user) will be responsible for all content or status updates and other information submissions by you (user) to TalkMe or Talkme, to other user’s or to third parties. You (user) make to ensure that you (user) have the right to use any submissions and information update on TalkMe or Talkme, You have to make sure that such submissions do not violate privacy or copyright or any other intellectual property rights of TalkMe or any third party. TalkMe or Talkme app or Service is controlled, managed and offered by its facilities in Finland. TalkMe or Talkme can be use all over the world but if you (user) access or use the app or service TalkMe or Talkme from any other jurisdiction, You (user) will do so at your own volition and are solely responsible for said use, including without limitation compliance with local laws. TalkMe or Talkme, its employees, directors, board members, executives and agents will not be liable directly or indirectly to you (user) for any kind of mistakes, content misuse, errors, Status updates, Location updates, Real time location in camera mode or real time location in map mode or personal injury, or any kind of personal damage, property damage, any inaccuracies and any kind of other loss of any nature resulting from your (user’s) access to or use of TalkMe app or Talkme service.

9. TalkMe or Talkme or amendments in terms and policies

TalkMe or Talkme app or service is entitled to have right to amend these Terms and polices at any time. TalkMe or Talkme updates will always be available to user at You (user) will be responsible for reviewing of these terms of use and privacy policies for any amendments. New amendments terms and policies enter into force immediately. If you (user) continue to use the TalkMe or Talkme App or Service after an amendment, you (user) will be considered to have accepted the amended terms and policies. It is very clear that in the event that TalkMe or Talkme service or app will be acquired by or merged with any other party, TalkMe or Talkme has the right to transfer all information and content that TalkMe or Talkme has from you (user) as part of such acquisition, merger, and sale. You (user) also have full right to remove your account from TalkMe or Talkme service any time.

10. General

TalkMe or Talkme will not be liable or responsible for any delay or failure to perform continue service resulting from causes outside the control of TalkMe or Talkme, Which could be any kind of circumstances like, Natural disaster, Fire, Strike, Flood, Official order, Act of war, Act of civil or Military authority, Act of terrorism, Riots, Telecommunication failure, Energy failure, Employee strike, Server failure and any other circumstances. TalkMe or Talkme always try to be excellent for its user’s and provide excellent service. These terms and policies are written in English language. In case of any conflict between a foreign language versions the original English language version will apply. You(user) agree to defend TalkMe or Talkme app or service, Its parent company, Executives, Directors, Employees and agents from and against any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs arising from, Your (user’s) use of TalkMe or Talkme app or service. Your (users) violations of any third party property right, Copyright, Trademark, or privacy right or any other claim that raise one of your Status update or submissions cause damage of third party or other user. You (user) always have to follow these terms and policies to use TalkMe or Talkme app or services. You (user) agree to the jurisdiction of Helsinki, Finland in the case of any legal dispute. TalkMe or Talkme terms of service and privacy policies will be governed by the laws of Helsinki, Finland without respect to its conflict of laws principles. It is very clear that any kind of dispute between you (user) it could be individual user or Commercial user or third party and TalkMe or Talkme or or parent company AdunoSolutions OY that arises in whole or in part from the TalkMe or Talkme app or service will be decided exclusively by court of competent jurisdiction located in Helsinki, Finland. Important note for International Users TalkMe or Talkme or are hosted in the Finland. If you (user) are a user accessing the TalkMe or Talkme application or service from the U.S.A, Other European countries, Asia, Africa and any other region with laws governing personal data collections, use and disclosure that differ from Finnish Laws, Please be clear that through your continued use of TalkMe or Talkme or site or application or service which are governed by Finnish law, This privacy policy and terms of service or terms of use, you (user) are transferring your personal data or information to Finland or EU and you (user) expressly consent to that transfer and consent to be governed by Finnish and EU laws for these purposes.

If you do not agree with these terms of use and privacy policies please do not use the app or service.

Last modified was September 19, 2014.